Hey there!
We are happy you are ready to use your Swimii!

Let us guide you through a very easy step-by-step process of how to use your Swimii correctly.

Since the volume of the inflatable pool is pretty large we made sure to feature all of our Swimii Pools with double air valves, for your comfort. It allows you to inflate and deflate the pool quickly and easily. The double air valve has an open port and a one-way port. The open port allows the air to come in and out very quickly, while a one-way port only allows adding air, and it won’t come out while you are inflating through it.

For the pool inflation, you can use any standard air pump or even a hairdryer. Yes, it’s that easy! It’s very important not to overinflate your product, thus never use an air compressor for the inflation. Once you add water, it will cause the pool material to stretch, and if it’s over-inflated it will compromise the seams. So always make sure you leave some wrinkles before you add any water to your Swimii pool. And remember, it’s always an option to add a little bit more air after if it is needed.

So let’s make it happen!

1. First, inflate your Swimii through the open port for approximately 95% of its volume. Use your finger to hold the air in and quickly close the air valve.

2. Then, using the one-way port, add a little bit more air. Make sure not to over inflate it.

3. After, close both valve ports tightly. And here you go, your Swimii is ready to be filled with water!

Don’t have an air pump? No worries!
You can even use a hairdryer.

1. First, make sure your hairdryer has a cool airflow option. Before you start to inflate your pool, carefully place your hand before the hairdryer to check if the air is cool to touch. This way the product's material won’t get damaged by extreme temperatures.

2. Use your hands to direct the airflow into the open port. Make sure the hairdryer never touches the vinyl while you are using it for inflation.

3. After, close both valve ports tightly. And here you go, your Swimii is ready to be filled with water!

That’s it!

Now, only add water to your Swimii Pool and you are ready to go get some vitamin D! Enjoy!

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