Anna Shtompel Founder of Swimii (best cool fun cute kiddie and adult water swim inflatable pool ring floats and big portable blow up swimming pools not small but large beach inflatables toys for kids and adults)
Let’s go get some vitamin D! But do it with style!

Swimii was born from a passion...

Swimii was born from the passion for visual art and good taste of graphic designer Anna Shtompel.
Working in the visual communication industry for years, Anna has always paid a great attention to aesthetics of everything that surrounds her, from her projects and workspace to her personal style.

Spending most of her summer in the office, as we all do, Anna felt like her summer is passing by without making fun memories with friends and family like those you have pictures of on your fridge. And what could be a better idea than having a spontaneous staycation in a pool in your backyard? Because, we can all agree, life is better when you have your girls at the pool for a cocktail and a chat.

And as always, Anna was determined to find an ideal pool that suits her perfect day’s mood and reflects her style. But to her surprise, in an abundance of inflated pools all she could find were some regular 3-ring bluish pools. And of course, that’s not what she was going for. And, how should we put it… she made a big deal out of it!

As a skilled graphic designer with years of experience creating visuals for products and brands, she decided to step up and create a pool that would be worthy of that timeless picture on a fridge.

As inspired and experienced Anna was in design, the world of production appeared to be full of unexpected challenges. Working days and nights, trying to keep up with a full time job as a designer while building a company as a young woman entrepreneur, Anna had her hands full. Unexpected changes and redo’s on the manufacturer plus burning deadlines in the effort to create a perfect, high-quality designer pool with an original shape put her in the position where Anna had to decide: to release a product in a hurry for this current season, or to wait to release a perfect pool from her true vision in the next season. And she couldn’t go another way than to get things right, whatever the cost may be for her dream.

After 2 years of work, finally, that pool from Anna’s vision is out and available for you to enjoy together with us. We are in love with and proud of our perfect Swimii Pools and Swimii Tubes. And we are more than excited to become a part of your memories from a summertime fun with your loved ones. So, let’s go get some vitamin D!

Our Values

Right Balance

Spending time with family and friends is an important part of our lives. We believe in keeping the right balance between work and quality time with our loved ones. Thus, while creating Swimii we were driven by a desire to enhance those values in our customers' lives.

Free Self-Expression

We encourage free self-expression in every decision we make and every item we purchase. Swimii was born to help your personality shine bright even when you wear only a swimsuit.

Giving Back to Society

While we are grateful for everything we have, we remember that someone out there is less fortunate. Therefore, we made giving back to society our core company value.

Our goal

Our modern lifestyle keeps us under a roof most of the time. Did you know that 42% of Americans are vitamin D deficient? We found the funniest way to change that! Sunny time and fun with your loved ones come with Swimii as a 2-in-1 package. Our goal is to help people have a more balanced, healthy, and fun lifestyle with more active, quality time outdoors and less work and social media screen time indoors.

Discover Swimii

Our story

Swimii is a US-based brand of designer water inflatables, such as Inflatable Pools, Large Pool Tubes, Small Pool Tubes, Mommii & Me 2 Pack Pool Tubes, and Electric Air Pumps. Our brand is proudly women-owned. We care about socially responsible production that brings value to the world. We believe in keeping the right balance between work and quality time with our loved ones. We encourage free self-expression in every decision we make and every item we purchase. While we are grateful for everything we have, we remember to give back to society and donate. We are proud of our cool big blow up pools that fit up to 3 adults. The best choice for your kid would be our kiddie inflatable swim pool with cute and fun designs suitable perfectly for small children. A great addition to any pool is our large and small pool ring floats. All our products are a perfect choice for a pool party and your backyard, beach, or lake vacation. Our portable swimming pools and tubes are made of high-quality long-lasting non-toxic materials. They are safe for your and your children’s skin. Our pools are equipped with a double air valve for quick inflation and deflation; and a drain plug for easy water release. All of our products include repair patches in case of punctures. We offer a quick discounted $10 flat shipping rate for all our deliveries exclusively in the US. All our orders are delivered fast to your door in only 2-5 working days.